Erectile Dysfunction Help in Jacksonville Florida


Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction are typically defined as an inability to maintain an erection due to some underlying medical issue. Some people do face ED issues as a result of a psychological problem. We can help determine which is affecting you. We know that ED symptoms can make it very difficult if not impossible to have an active sex life. We here at GAINSWaveJax understand that this can be frustrating and problematic in some cases to your wellbeing both physically and emotionally. We want to help.

The first step is setting up a discreet and private appointment with us to come in and get a checkup that includes a physical exam and getting a better understanding of all the background information in your medical history. We then can give a proper diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back to where you want to be. We will also make sure that you are better informed about ED issues and how you can help yourself. This could be simple lifestyle changes, food eating habits and many other options. 

The shockwave therapy treatments that we perform here in our Jacksonville location have been known to have a lasting effect for up to two years. There is no surgery involved and no medications to rely on in this type of treatment. During the treatment you will feel a vibration and pressure in the treatment area. 

Peyronie’s Disease symptoms can be helped with the shockwave therapy as well. The shockwave therapy can help with the scar tissue or breaking down the plaque that is building up under the skin in the penis. These formations can have an effect on erections and can be painful if not treated. Once treated you will start to see less curvature in your penis that is due to the Peyronie's Disease. We have helped many men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease get back their active sex life.

Men who are seeking larger erections can also benefit from the treatments that GAINSWave jacksonville offers. The shockwave therapy stimulates the veins to increase blood flow without the side effects or dangers of medication. If you would like to increase your sexual performance, give us a call today and schedule your appointment to start getting treatments fast.

I'm looking forward to never going back to the pills and potions...

— Stormy B

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