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Non-Surgical Options for Treating Penile Curvature

December 4, 2023

Once thought to be a male sexual health issue that only affected middle-aged men, doctors today have reported cases of Peyronie’s Disease (PD) in males from teenage to geriatric ages. Some studies suggest the occurrence of PD in the United States could be as high as ten percent of the total population.

The good news is, although Peyronie’s Disease can lead to painful sexual experiences, PD is a benign* medical condition with several treatment options. It is generally considered to be a wound-healing disorder that likely occurs in genetically predisposed males in response to sexual trauma.

Men who suffer with severe symptoms of PD have complaints that range from difficultly having sexual intercourse to total abstinence due to painful erections. Even though the condition was once associated with aggressive sexual intercourse, most patients do not associate a specific sexual activity as the cause.

Urologists today suggest that scar tissue, or fibrous penile plaque, likely forms on the tunica albuginea over time from excessive pressure to an erect penis during more normal sexual intercourse. Repeated episodes trigger an inflammatory response that results in scarring. This explains the build-up of plaque that hinders the normal elasticity of tunica fibers when the penis is engorged with blood.

*Epithelioid sarcoma of the penis is a rare malignant condition that can mimic Peyronie’s Disease but tends to occur between the mid-20s to mid-30s.

Does a curved penis get better over time?

Peyronie’s Disease can sometimes improve without intervention; however, it is not as self-correcting as was once thought. Plus, there is a rather broad range (5 to 30 degrees) as to what normal penile curvature should look like. Some men with PD have little to no problem during sex and others have suggested making minor changes like a change of position enabled satisfying sexual intercourse.

If scarring stops and the build-up of penile plaque stabilizes, some men report no pain during sex. Among the most common complaints that men, who are suffering with Peyronie’s Disease, report is a loss of penis length, a loss of penis girth or other deformities. Whereas pain may get better, penile shortening and unusual curvature usually does not improve.

Treatment Options for Penile Curvature

Men in the earliest stages of Peyronie’s Disease, when penile curvature is considered to be mild or moderate (acute phase), may benefit from a different approach as compared to those with more advanced conditions (chronic phase). So your doctor’s recommendation will be based on numerous factors, such as size of plaques, family medical history, presence of connective tissue disorders, and age. Treatment options for Peyronie’s Disease include:

  • Injection Therapy – Inject a medication directly into the penis to help breakdown the build-up of scar tissue. Other oral medications that improve blood flow to the penis may be prescribed as well.
  • Traction Therapy – A vacuum erection device may be used for several months to stretch the penis and bend it in the opposite direction of the penile curvature to promote remodeling through mechanotransduction.
  • Shockwave Therapy – Focused extracorporeal shockwave treatments can be very effective at improving painful erections associated with Peyronie’s Disease, especially during early phases when curvature is mild to moderate.
  • Corrective Surgery – More invasive surgical straightening using penile plication or plaque incision and grafting are a reliable ways to correct penile deformity but is seldom recommended before of the chronic phase.

A men’s sexual health doctor can often correctly diagnose and recommend treatment options during a routine examination. If needed, an ultrasound scan may be ordered to evaluate how the build-up of scar tissue is affecting blood flow to the penis. Depending on patient preference and baseline erectile function, oral medications, intralesional injections, traction therapy, and EWST therapy can provide meaningful improvements without penile surgery.


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